Our Philosophy


Perpetual was born with a very clear philosophy: to improve as a way of life.

We are strong advocates of the Kaizen method applied to sports practice.

This Japanese concept comes from the two words «kai» and «zen»which mean the action of change and continuous improvement .

Our Passion

To create long-lasting, quality products that help you achieve your sporting goals.

Our Mission

To help anyone, regardless of age, sex or physical condition.

our history

After a few months of training at home due to COVID-19 we realized something.

Home training equipment currently on the market falls into two extremes .

Professional, expensive and good quality equipment.

Inexpensive products, but most of the time they do not meet minimum quality standards.

After many hours of work and talking to many fitness professionals we realized that there is a gap to be filled in the market: quality equipment at reasonable prices .

And with that goal in mind, our adventure began.

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