How to gain muscle mass at the age of 30?

Have you entered your thirties and are worried about what lies ahead for your physical condition, would you like to increase your muscle mass if you are already 30 years old, are you interested in knowing the keys to increase the size of your muscles, are you looking to improve your physical condition to look like never before?

Lately, it has been known that the rates of sedentary lifestyles and obesity, logically related to each other, have been a detrimental factor for a large number of people who have been affected by them.

That is why, regardless of your age, it is ideal that you try to combat them by exercising. Even if you are 30, you can begin to dedicate yourself to your physical condition. Remember it’s never too late to start!

As we said, it’s never too late, so this is the sign you needed to start gaining muscle mass at 30, with the help of all the tips and suggestions that we will be giving you in this article, so we invite you to keep reading about how you can gain muscle mass at 30.

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What happens to muscle mass when you are 30?

From a general point of view, the body is made up of fat or adipose tissue, bones, muscle tissue and water; however, when you reach 30, the body begins a process of loss of lean tissue, which is found throughout all the muscles of the body and, therefore, the decrease of this muscle mass can be perceived in any part of the body.
Although it is complicated to increase muscle tissue, do not give up and start training so you can see that it is not an impossible mission or something unrealistic, try to get advice and put your heart into it so you can succeed and increase your muscle mass.

Importance of maintaining muscle mass and causes of muscle loss

Considering that the muscles are the ones that provide mobility to the body, it is of vital importance to always keep them in good condition so that mobility does not diminish, which would prevent us from developing naturally without pain or any problem. In addition, muscle mass is important because it contributes to the maintenance of good body posture.
On the other hand, as for the causes of muscle mass loss, a sedentary lifestyle is one of the main factors influencing muscle loss at any age, as well as an unbalanced and incomplete diet and little physical activity.
It can be said that age is as influential a factor as a sedentary lifestyle, since as the years go by the tissues begin to atrophy, bringing as a consequence that with such wear and tear the size of the muscles is reduced notably, while, at the same time, the adipose tissue begins to absorb the muscle mass, which plays a negative role in muscle growth.

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Is it possible to increase muscle mass after 30?

While it is known that the age for the natural decline of the body starts at 30, this may be an age when you still have time to keep your body in good shape. That is why it is possible to gain muscle mass, so do not be discouraged and strive to achieve it.
You should keep in mind that no matter what age you are, it will not be easy to gain muscle mass, because it requires a lot of commitment and hours of training to get the results you want, that is, it is a matter of discipline. As the years continue to pass, maintaining your fitness and increasing your body mass will become increasingly difficult, so now is a good time to start.

How to combat the loss of body mass?

The main thing is to keep yourself in good shape through exercise; when doing so you should always avoid those of constant cardio as they favor the loss of muscle mass and tone, so only focus on those that need the application of strength, as well as focus on functional training that stimulates the muscles and in turn strengthens them.
When we talk about how to gain muscle mass at 30, diet plays an important role, as it must be rich in amino acids, proteins and supplements that will help you balance a special diet  andsuitable for your age; in addition, all this can be complemented with the consumption of antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids.
By the time you are 30, you should try as much as possible to reduce the consumption of alcohol and nicotine, i.e. cigarettes, since these vices hinder the muscular absorption of the nutrients that are ingested through the consumption of the food in your diet.
In addition, you cannot forget to have enough hours of rest, since the body uses sleep time to repair and form tissues inside, and that is why if you do not rest the necessary time your body will automatically begin to lose its muscle mass.

What are the ideal exercises to do when you are 30 years old?

According to experts in the area, there are specific exercises for those who are already 30, and they focus on the physical needs that characterize this age, i.e., maintaining body strength and slowing down the natural decline. In first place are resistance exercises followed by sports involving racquets.
Also ideal are those activities related to dancing and ball sports that keep the muscles active; a good activity is also walking, something extremely easy that you do in your daily life, and, last but not least, yoga, which has also been recommended by professionals.
A good idea is that you put together a routine with the exercises that are to your liking, including the above recommendations so that you can do it daily and achieve increase your body mass, and we also recommend you to go to a nutritionist to follow up and help you meet your goals hand in hand with exercise.

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