How to gain muscle mass at 40?

Were you not responsible with your body in past decades, do you want to change the way you look, do you want to know how to gain muscle mass at 40, do you want to change the way you look, do you want to know how to gain muscle mass at 40?

As time goes by, our organism changes and its physiological processes become slower. Therefore, your musculature does not recover or tone up as it did when you were in your twenties. Your stamina, energy and strength are also variables that change over the years.

But these variations do not necessarily have to be negative. Each age comes with multiple virtues and experiences. So, it is possible to gain muscle mass at 40, as long as you have clear goals and adapt your habits accordingly.

It is not about eliminating completely what you enjoyed in other stages of your life. Rather, it is related to the application of different tools in a more conscious and intelligent way.

The secret is to vary both your diet and your training, so that you can speed up the muscle recovery process and avoid injuries. We invite you to continue reading and learn more about muscle gain at 40.

Learn how to gain muscle at 40

To gain muscle mass at 40 you must create a balance between the food you eat and the exercises you do, so you can achieve the results you are looking for. It is essential that you take into account that from the age of 30 onwards, the process of muscle degeneration begins naturally. This means that their development stops and the percentage of muscle tissue in the body is reduced.

In addition, strength and endurance are often affected as well. Based on this, the training model you perform must be designed congruently with the degrees of muscle decay. The patient’s physical condition, age and any physical limitations he/she may have should always be taken into account.

Once these factors are evaluated by experts, an exercise routine can be established. It is important to limit cardiovascular training or aerobic exercise. While these help maintain heart muscle tone and increase lung capacity, they must be complemented by good strength training.

In cases where the objective is to gain muscle mass, the focus should be directed towards the execution of weight-bearing exercises. They slow the loss of muscle mass and reverse some of the effects of metabolic aging. In addition, they contribute to reduce the risk of some diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and certain heart diseases.

However, both the trainers and the specialists you consult should indicate in more detail the specifics of your exercise routines. This is because the focus on weight must be accompanied by a regulation in the repetitions and techniques you apply.

What needs to change in my training?

Just as you are more prone to muscle loss at 40, you are also more likely to suffer injuries. Therefore, there are certain variables that you should take into consideration when performing your weight training exercises.

The most important thing is to measure the amount of weight you lift. If you are a person who is not used to this kind of exercise, it is better to start with a low weight. Similarly, if you were on a fairly high weight regimen, we recommend that you reduce your weight to a more moderate level. This way you will be able to maintain muscular effort without compromising your health.

You could even establish routines made up mostly of bodyweight exercises, with resistance bands or in which you use your own body weight. They are quite effective and for the most part do not tend to oversaturate the joints. They help create resistance against gravity and maintain muscle tone.

In addition, we recommend that you cultivate pre-exercise preparation. Many people ignore how important and beneficial a good stretch can be before starting to use weights. This step can help you reduce accumulated muscle tension and avoid overtraining.
Don’t forget to rest between sets so as not to saturate the muscle.

We recommend that you plan your calendar in such a way that you leave intermediate days between the training of each muscle group. This enhances the regeneration process and ensures that you avoid injury.

Habits to take care of at 40

The worst enemy of your goals is a sedentary lifestyle. In order to gain muscle mass at 40, it is essential that you maintain a disciplined workout routine. So stay active and on the move. He is attentive to your movements, the postures you adapt while training and the amount of weight you lift.

Don’t underestimate yourself! Regardless of your age, you can still be a healthy person with a defined body. You just have to measure yourself and find activities that match your tastes and goals. You should not skip the warm-up and you should not forget to integrate cardio routines a few times a week.

If you usually do exercises where the joints can be forced, we recommend you avoid it. Reduce weight lifting over the shoulder joint in risky positions or any exercise that puts too much stress on the knees. These tend to generate too much stress on these regions and can be really harmful.

Stay away from any exercise that can abuse your spine. Together with your knees, this structure provides stability to your body. However, it can suffer considerable damage if you perform the exercises improperly or if you overdo it with the weight.

How do I take care of my diet after 40?

At the dietary level, you should make sure you consume the right amount of protein, as this will ensure that you have enough macronutrients to build muscle fibers. If you integrate lean proteins with a good amount of essential amino acids such as eggs, you will be doing a great job. 

Also, you should consume healthy carbohydrates and a good amount of fiber to maintain balance. Avoid high consumption of sugars, unhealthy fats, alcohol and other foods that may be harmful. 

You should look for a good caloric intake to maintain an adequate performance when exercising. You will also have enough energy to recover and balance your metabolism.

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