How to gain muscle mass at 20?

Do you want to improve your health, do you want to look more defined, are you looking to gain muscle mass, do you want to welcome your 20s with an ideal body?

In our twenties, few people pay attention to the effect that food, beverages or exercise routines can have on our bodies. However, if you want to look stunning and cultivate a healthy lifestyle, it is essential that you establish good habits from a young age.

It will always be necessary to have the advice of nutritionists and personal trainers to guide you in creating a plan of action suited to your goals; either for fat loss or to teach you how to gain muscle mass at 20. Consulting reliable and verified information will help you to be certain when making decisions about the care and routines you should follow.

At 20s anything goes! You are in the best stage of life to achieve faster and lasting results. This is the best time to push your body and achieve a considerable increase in strength, endurance and, above all, muscle mass.


If you are reading this article, you have probably already heard about the term «muscle mass». It is a concept that refers to the total amount of muscle you have in your body, this being one of the fundamental tissues for life.

Among its basic functions are the regulation of body temperature, the maintenance of posture and the protection of vital organs. That is, it allows us to walk, run, dance and even stand. It also performs metabolic functions and helps maintain life through basic processes such as respiration.

Although it is a tissue that we are born with, you should know that skeletal muscle can be trained to enhance its function and, therefore, its volume. To do this, certain diets and physical plans, mostly strength training, must be implemented to stimulate muscle activity.

Gaining muscle mass at 20

At twenty years old, the secret to increase the volume of your muscles is oriented towards dedication and perseverance. This is because your body is at the best stage to achieve good results in a short time.

The challenge lies in establishing healthy eating habits, accompanied by a substantial training plan. The important thing is not to go to extremes, as the idea is to enjoy all possible experiences without depriving ourselves of anything.

As we explained above, the most effective way to gain muscle mass at 20 is to gain muscle mass at 20 is to demand more from the muscle.. To do this, you will need to plan according to your objectives. If you want to develop muscular endurance, your exercise plan should be focused on the number of repetitions.

Whereas, if you are interested in increasing muscle size and, therefore, an increase in strength, you should pay attention to the weight you lift. To do this, you will need to train with greater resistance and fewer repetitions. A good weight workout is ideal for you, because with effort you will achieve the muscle hypertrophy you are looking for.

You must 100% avoid a sedentary lifestyle. When physical activity levels are low and the diet is poorly balanced, muscle has a tendency to reduce in size. Although in the twenties this phenomenon is not as common, it can be evidenced. So, stay active and keep your exercise intensity high.

Tips for your training

We always recommend that you consult with a specialized trainer that suits your experience and goals. But there are certain tips we can give you to get you started on your workout plan to gain muscle mass at 20.

The first thing to take into consideration is that you will need to work with weight. The choice of the weight of the dumbbells, discs or barbells with which you are going to work will depend on your resistance. Use a weight that after 10 to 15 repetitions of the exercise generates a feeling of fatigue. If you do not feel the effort, you may need to increase the level of resistance you are applying.

You can use two to three sets of exercises for each muscle group, interspersed with breaks of three to seven minutes. You can exercise legs, back, chest, arms, shoulders and buttocks with this distribution, at least twice a week.

It should be noted that you should not force the muscle group too much. Organize your training schedule with a distribution that allows you to rest each region for at least a few days. This will allow for proper recovery and optimal muscle growth.

Foods that can help you gain muscle mass

If you want to gain muscle mass at 20, a good protein intake is essential. Although this point becomes more important with aging, you should always take care of your diet. 

Protein is made up of small units called amino acids. These, once digested and absorbed by the body, are used for the renewal of muscle tissue. This means that they are capable of forming muscles. Therefore, if you are on a strict training regimen, you must give your body enough protein.

The quality, quantity and distribution of the portions of this macronutrient throughout the day will definitely be a plus for the achievement of your goal. You should know that proteins of animal origin, such as chicken, fish, meat and especially eggs, provide the highest amount of essential amino acids. Therefore, they are the most suitable for you.

On the other hand, those of vegetable origin, such as beans, are more difficult to absorb. Although they are indispensable for a balanced diet, they do not have as many essential amino acids as animal fats. Therefore, they are not as effective in increasing muscle mass.

When should I consume protein? Before or after training?

When your training is aimed at increasing muscle mass, protein intake must be taken care of thoroughly. It is necessary to evaluate the intensity of your training in order to determine how much protein you should consume, in addition to considering your age, physical capacity and body composition.

So, if you are on a strict training regimen, you can consume protein close to your workout, either before or after. During these periods of time, the body assimilates proteins better and can use them as a source of energy or to renew the tissue in formation.

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